Webgears Group, a leading international savings provider that assists 300,000 daily users to find engaging content commerce, has acquired all voucher sites from Sparheld International.

Sparheld International was founded in 2009 and operates voucher portals in five countries, with a primary focus on Germany and France. They find saving and reward opportunities from thousands of online stores to help bargain hunters save on their online purchases.

Realizing the fast-growing e-commerce markets and the potential to grow further into European markets, Webgears Group is excited to have Sparheld International’s expertise on board to launch new campaigns into the French and German markets with voucher brands: reduc.fr and sparheld.de.

Alexander Bitsche, Founder and Co-CEO of Webgears Group

This milestone for Webgears Group brings together experience from influential industry leaders in online savings. “We’ve been impressed with what Sparheld have been able to accomplish over the last 12 years,” said Alexander Bitsche, Founder and Co-CEO at Webgears Group. “The strong strategic fit between our companies will offer our partners and shoppers additional benefits and services. By combining years of experience we’ll be able to reach a wider audience and create more opportunities for shoppers to save. We’re looking forward to bringing together both company’s skills and knowledge to further expand Webgears.”

Henning Kruthaup, Founder and CEO of Sparheld International

“By handing over the reins to Webgears Group, I’m excited to see their company strengthened by the brands we’ve built,” said Henning Kruthaup, Founder and CEO at Sparheld International. “Together with our experience and creativity, Webgears will be able to offer more savings opportunities to even more shoppers and extend their services to their partners. I’m looking forward to seeing their growth and development in the years to come.”

Headquartered in Götzis, Austria, with a branch office in Berlin, Germany, Webgears Group was founded in 2010 with the mission to help as many online shoppers save on their purchases. By providing discount-oriented content to support their shopping journey and partnering with major media publishers, Webgears offers a unique opportunity for shoppers to find the latest digital deals from their preferred brands across multiple industries.

Christoph von Bülow, Co-CEO of Webgears Group

“This acquisition will allow us to grow and further develop into our focused markets and reach new goals by covering new ground within the French market,” adds Christoph von Bülow, Co-CEO of Webgears Group. “By investing additional resources into Webgears, the company will be able to establish itself further as a leading savings provider, and we’re excited to enter into the next phase of the company’s growth and build upon additional successes.”