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With our e-commerce portals we unite online shops and users all over the world with the goal of providing an exceptional shopping experience. Our projects occupy leading market positions and help more than 3 million people on a monthly basis to turn online shopping into a pleasant experience. Our goal is to give our users access to vouchers and deals to provide them with inspiration during their shopping process.


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Our diverse and motivated Development Team is responsible for the implementation of innovative ideas, the evaluation of new technologies, the design and implementation of new features and the continuous further development of our high-traffic couponing platforms.

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Some questions to our Dev’s

Julian T.

Product Owner

Philip H.

Lead Developer

Julian, why do you like to work for Webgears?
Webgears is in a highly competitive market and that presents constant challenges, which I like. Our team consists of many different nations and cultural backgrounds which makes working together fun and interesting.

What kind of tools and tech do you use?
We use JIRA and Trello for project management, Slack and Whereby for communication and video-calls. As a distributed SCRUM team we also use online tools like Parabol.co for our retrospective.

How does your daily business look like? How is your impact on Webgears?
As a Product Owner I work closely together with our development teams and I make sure that we are working on the most important topics first and deliver the best solutions for our users and other stakeholders.

Could you please explain the scrum process in a few lines? At Webgears we use SCRUM and Kanban for our development teams with JIRA as our management tool. Our teams meet every day in the morning for the daily standup and based on the sprint cycle we meet every 2 weeks for our retrospective and planning for the next sprint. As we are a distributed development team in different locations all our meetings are online and we use the best tools to make sure we have a good team communication and everything runs smoothly.

Philip, why do you like to work for Webgears?
Webgears is quite a young company (also from the employees) and has a lot of energy. There are great events and employees are really considered to be the company’s best value. And from a developers perspective it is also very interesting that we develop our own products, which means we are more or less independent from others. Our business evolves quite a lot and therefore we are in constant motion. We have a lot of new technical challenges and it never gets boring. Also we focus on developer’s needs, make sure we get proper trainings, good hardware and we try to use the latest tech stack wherever possible.

What kind of tools and tech do you use?
We use Symfony in the Backend and Next.js in the frontend. Communication happens synchronously via REST APIs or asynchronously via Queues (AWS SQS).
We have NodeJS tools that optimize and convert images using serverless functions (AWS Lambda) and python scripts for data processing.

Performance is one of our main goals, which is why we also have automated tests running on Gitlab CI to do performance tests, besides of course the regular Unit Tests and Functional Tests. To code we usually use Jetbrains IDE PHPStorm.

How does your daily business look like? How is your impact on Webgears?
Together with my team I tackle the stories, improvements or other tasks that we have planned for the sprint cycle, which is two weeks long. We review each other’s tasks and give feedback. As a full– stack developer I mostly work in the backend but I also tackle some frontend tasks from time to time. During sprint planning we discuss the proper technical solution and how we are tackling the different features. I worked already on various different features and projects and there are always more to come!

As team lead I also have to ensure that our developers get all the things they need (trainings, equipment, etc.) for their daily work.

Human Resources

Josephine Richter

You can make a difference. Thanks to our fast growing portals, new possibilities for your personal development arise every day. Moreover, our flat hierarchy allows quick decision making. Whether in Berlin or Am Garnmarkt in Götzis – our offices are located in places where things are happening! Your wellbeing is important to us, hence we always come up with new offers for our employees, such as free drinks and snacks, team outings, jubilee presents, modern work equipment, that also can be used privately, as well as games and provision benefits. We are looking forward to hearing from you!